Electrical Renovation

Upgrading your premises soon? We can help you with all your electrical wiring works to ensure hassle-free renovation. Experienced with residential & commercial electrical renovation, we can assist you in restructuring & redesigning the electrical framework, wiring & installation & machinery wiring.

We are also certified by Certified by TM, TNB, CIBD and also Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission). We are equipped with more than 10 years of experience and a comprehensive portfolio of different projects.

How We Can Help You?

Office Renovation & Restructure

Renovating or restructuring your office? We will design all your office electrical needs catered to any kind of electrical usage and ensure an efficient and effective electrical renovation.

office renovation
warehouse factory renovation

Factory & Warehouse Renovation

During a factory or warehouse renovation, it is key to ensure the electrical wiring and design are safe and sufficient to keep up with all the different needs from the factory equipments. Let our seasoned and experienced professionals handle your needs.

Machinery Relocation

We provide machinery relocation services from small to large scale relocation. Safety is our number one priority and we provide worry-free packaging services to ensure that your machineries are protected well and safely. 

machinery relocation
wiring installation

Wiring & Installation

Electrical wiring that is done inappropriately is a risk and a fire hazard. It is the major responsibility of electricians to trace any electrical ambiguities. With our broad electrical experience, in-depth knowledge and certification, you can trust us to get the job done.